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Florida Scenic Highway - Manatee

"We returned to the Wakulla River on the way home, and paddled south. After coming back to the boat ramp, we paddled north for about 15 minutes and found these Manatees! Spent another hour with them before going home - very cool!

As we headed back to the ramp, the sun was low and poked out of the overcast. A very strong rainbow developed to the southeast, and then wave after wave of cormorants started appearing, flying upriver. I counted 50+ birds in each V, up to 100 in some, and there were close to 20 full-size Vs that passed us. As each passed overhead, with whirring wing beats very audible, the next approaching V was visible over the canopy downriver - they just kept coming and coming... just outstanding! Looking back upriver, several Vs were always visible, receding into the distance. It was a moment of true wildness...."

Bob and Vickie Godshalk
Gainesville, Florida
November 2008